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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
What I do:
1. Write fanfiction - This is what I mostly do, with Journey being my primary and longest running series(still ongoing)
2. Drawings - Once in a while I will draw up something
3. Game reviews/previews - You wont find many previews compared to reviews, but I do my own reviews for video games

Fav Ancient cultures: Roman Empire and Spartan culture

Current series:
1. Journey(MLP, self-insertion)
2. Sword of Sorrow(Sword of the Stars)
3. Stars(Star Fox, self-insertion)

1. Hard(original series)
2. Helpworthy(MLP:EG)

1. Force(Planetside 2)
2. Super Soldier(Gundam 00)
3. Terminate(Mass Effect 3)
4. Tyranid Invasion(Warhammer 40,000)
5. Crescent(Sailor Moon)
6. Bloodshed(Fallout New Vegas)
7. Revenge(T.U.F.F. Puppy)
8. PokeAdopt(Pokemon)
9. Warzone(Titanfall)

Finished Fanfiction series:
1. The New Member
2. Siblings
3. Unlikely Allies
4. Spec Ops
5. Death
6. Multiverse
7. The SDF
8. Sword of the Starts Vultures of the Black Sea
9. New Home
10. A Visit

Favourite genre of music: Anything thats pop and rock

Favourite style of art: Any

Operating System: Windows 8

MP3 player of choice: Sony:iconsonyplz:

Favourite Color: Anything that's a blue color:iconblue-plz:

Most Favourite Cartoon Characters: Princess Luna:iconprincesslunaplz:, Derpy Hooves:iconderpy-hooves:, Rainbow Dash:iconhappyrainbowdashplz:, Nightmare Moon:iconnightmaremoonplz:, Queen Chrysalis:iconqueenchrysalisplz:, Twilight Sparkle:iconprincesstwilightplz:, Applejack:iconapplejackishappyplz:, Princess Celestia:iconprincesscelestiaplz:, Princess Cadance:iconprincesscadanceplz: , Mane-iac:iconmlp-mane-iacplz: , Maud Pie:iconmaudpieplz: , Sailor Mars:iconsailormarsplz: and The Joker:iconthejoker-plz:

Least Favourite Cartoon Characters: Rarity:iconrarityplz:, Fluttershy:iconfluttershyplz:, Pinkie Pie:iconpinkiepieplz:, Discord:icondiscord-plz:, King Sombra:iconkingsombraplz:, Spike:iconmlpspikeplz: and Spongebob:iconspongebobplz:(infact I hate Spongebob)

Best, Most Pretty and My Most Fav Pony: Princess Luna:iconprincesslunahappyplz:

Fav Comic Book Characters: Batman:iconbatmanplz:, The Joker:iconthejoker-plz:, Deadpool:icondeadpoolplz:, Deathstroke(can't find an iconplz) and Spiderman:iconspidermanplz:

Fav Video Game Characters: Krystal(Star Fox):iconkrystalplz:, The Arbiter(Halo) and Abathur(Starcraft 2).

Cutest Foal Pony: Woona:iconhappywoonaplz:

Creepiest Pony: Pinkie Pie(Cupcakes version):iconpinkiepiecupcakesplz:

I'm a follower of :icontzeentchplz: Tzeentch cultist stamp by Big-Argonian (stamp copyright ~Big-Argoian)

Luna -New Version- Stamp by jewlecho Princess Luna Stamp by jewlecho Nightmare Moon Stamp by jewlecho Queen Chrysalis Stamp by jewlecho Princess Cadance Stamp by jewlecho Derpy Hooves Stamp by jewlecho Princess Celestia Stamp by jewlecho Luna Winking Stamp by ViperDash-GFX (All stamps are copyright ~jewlecho, except for the last stamp which is copyright ~ViperDash-GTS-R)

Stamp: Stop SOPA by TheRyanFord (copyright `TheRyanFord)

Personal Quote: "It's not one's appearance that matters, it's their heart that does." and "Chaos is Everlasting."

Favourite Quote(s): "All is dust!"(Thousand Sons, Chaos Space Marine Legion), "Remember this day, little ponies, for it was your last. From this moment forth, the night will last forever!"(Nightmare Moon), "Any man can overcome adversity. If you truly want to test a man's character, give him power."(Abraham Lincoln), "To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them."(Charles de Montesquieu) and "It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny."(Jean Nidetch)

Favorite Chaos Legions: Thousand Sons(1st) and the Black Legion(2nd)

Favorite Loyalist Chapters: Blood Angels(1st), Grey Knights(2nd) , Iron Hands(3rd) and the Blood Ravens(4th)

Fav Space Marine special forces: Death Company(special forces of the Blood Angels loyalist chapter and their successor chapters)

Fav Imperial Guard Regiment: Death Korps of Krieg…

Also I'm always open to drawing requests, as for fanfic requests, I don't really do that.

My theme music: The Killers - Human…
Stan Bush - The Touch…
Survivor - Eye of the Tiger…

Faverate Sci fi races: Loa(SOTS), Morrigi(SOTS), Chaos(W40k), Cylon(BG), Tyranids(W40k), Borg(Star Trek), Geth(Mass Effect), Zerg(Starcraft) and Sangheili(Halo)

My fav Gundams: 1. Reborns Gundam , 2. 00 Gundam Raiser , 3. Wing Gundam Zero Custom , 4. Gundam Kyrios and 5. Gundam Throne Zwei

Fav mobile suits that aren't gundams: 1. Flag , 2. Ginn , 3. GN-X , 4. Virgo and 5. Gouf Custom

Fav Chaos Character: Ahzek Ahriman

Supporter of the Covenant Empire:

Supporter of the Helghast:

Supporter of the New Conglomerate:

Adopted by MagnumWolf2 Mom and I by MagnumWolf2 Me and Luna Kissing by MagnumWolf2

Hello everyone, Magnum here. I think it's time for a bit of an update.

First off I am excited because tomorrow is my birthday, yup I will be 21... boy I am getting old. So that's good for a few reasons, I can finally have some shots that's I've needed for a few years... not kidding, after what I have been through the past three years I need a few.

Now onto news on what will be posted hopefully soon. I am working hard on the next part of Journey as hard and fast as possible so it can be posted, in terms of all the other fanfictions  have been doing so far, they are officially postponed or in some cases just plane discontinued, in fact I am thinking of just discontinuing some of them just to lighten the load. Plus not to mention I am maybe half way done with the first part of the original story I said I was gonna make, that's right it wont be fanfiction, it will be to show you guys what I can do outside of it, I will post the name of it at the end of the journal, because I want to reveal the name but you have to still wait for it. On another note it seems one or two fanfictions will be joining the ranks, those will be posted below, but it is likely one will be scrapped. What does this say about the other fanfictions overall, Journey wont go away that's for sure, Sword of Sorrow and Stars will still be worked on but all others are in the postponed/discontinued area. So if you guys had a favorite in any of those, I am sorry, but I cannot handle so many at one, so I will cutting ten down to five and a new section on my main page for them. Another reason why I am doing this is because the past couple of months have been crazy and this seems to be the best way to handle it, atleast for me.

That's all for now, Magnum out.

Upcoming stories:
Hard(original story)

As stated above, one of the two fanfictions will be posted the other will be scrapped, when that'll happen, I do not know.
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Human by The Killers
  • Reading: Fanfics and Fear to Tread by James Swallow
  • Watching: MLP: FIM
  • Playing: The Evil Within on PS4 and Shadow of Mordor on PC
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water

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